Some metallics and little changings

Dear readers, sorry for waiting so long to read some news here on my blog.

Every desaster have the possibility to change something "okay" into something "fab". 

Normally, I prefer the way from grab to fab directly, but sometimes you have to clear a choked up drainage first, to have the chance to remodel your bathroom.

But this is only ONE Point I spend my time on for the last two weeks.

I am not that outbursting blogger star who like to act in front of the camera, I am more the girl for the second or third line.
Moving outside with the camera and acting there is more than enough "attention" for me.

So this post is very unusual for me, because I will show you how I normally do painting and working - in the kitchen...

Yes, it´s me. Goodness, how deep could wrinkles be, if you lost weight to fast?! Hope, D. only shooted me from the wrong side, in the wrong moment :-(

Okay this is not the perfect place for painting but I love to work by standing in front of the project. And in this moody fall, the light in the kitchen is the best to do so!

The next pictures will give you a little idea of what I´m doing besides homework with the children, moving with the dog, cleaning the house and working on my career. (Ähmmmm)

By the way, I decided to post only in english, because I know that my readers are able to read it. If I could punish myself to do it, you are able to follow me too, I´ll trust you ;-)

A little wooden beauty from the hardware store gets a coat of graphite chalkboard color and

fits know perfect in the hallway for puting on our shoes or in the bathroom for the kids.

Another find from the hardware store. In real life you use it as a furniture feet. In my univere two of them could be wonderful candle sticks.

Look how the beauties look on my oak beside table in the living room - hope you like it...

Okay, the candle sticks are not finished. They need nails to stick the candles on... But I like them for the moment because they ad more copper on my table.

The hidden beauty in the last image is an old tray I covered with a black metalic coat. I find the tray in some of our local op shops for 2 or 3 Euros.

I have a lot to do with our basement in the next days - I´m not sure how the boxes with the christmas decoration will look, for example.
My dears, I have no idea of including blogging in the next days, weeks or months. I´ll be there, but please be not too astonished, if you couldn´t find the typical series here on my blog.

If everything is finished (not only the house) and I have settled a lot of matters, I´ll be back to normal "business" here.

Tomorrow we will help my mother to renovate her sleeping room and to have a look on the personal thinks of my father, like clothes etc., so it will be very emotional for all of us.

Take care and hope to see you soon!

Love, Ria

7 Kommentare:

{ Dana@Mid2Mod } | 14. November 2013 um 07:28 hat gesagt…

The little stool looks so perfect with graphite paint, and I love the dark metallic you painted the tray.

You'll be in my thoughts tomorrow. I know how emotional it is to go through the things that belonged to your father. I lost my dad almost 30 years ago, but I still remember.

{ Ria Bartel } | 14. November 2013 um 12:00 hat gesagt…

Thank you so much, Dana!

{ Kylie } | 14. November 2013 um 14:11 hat gesagt…

Forget about your wrinkles Ria, all I noticed was your beautiful shiny hair!
I love the copper, silver and black vignette you've put together - perfect for the season (at your end of the world - it has started to get hot here). Using knobs for the hardware store to make candlestick holders is a brilliant idea - a nail to stick a candle on - clever! Your use of the English language astounds me - well done :)
Thinking of you and your Mum tomorrow, take care, Kylie x
p.s. ceiling getting replaced today - in an hour (thank goodness!)

{ Pippa } | 19. November 2013 um 01:36 hat gesagt…

All beautifully done! I love the door knob candle holder idea too.

{ Van } | 19. November 2013 um 09:54 hat gesagt…

Love these before/afters!

{ Teacup-In-The-Garden } | 20. November 2013 um 22:35 hat gesagt…

Der Hocker ist toll geworden!
Liebe Grüße,

Anonym | 3. August 2014 um 07:35 hat gesagt…

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