Recipe of the week - #Cookies for the little stars in my life

My Dearest,

yesterday we celebrated the birthday of the loveliest girl in town : my daughter :-)

Her birthday dated last week is always the start of baking the first christmas cookies with the kids.
In this year she liked to bring the first cookies into school for her new classmates and so the kids and I had a lot of fun in the kitchen last week.

We decided to go only with one form I found in the kitchen - the little star, because the xmas boxes with all the stuff we need, is hidden behind several furniture we have to through away in the next weeks.

Lucky me, E. and I bought this pretty cookie stamps at NanuNana, a german decoration shop like Hema in Holland or maybe Wallmart etc. Not very expensive and sometimes not so high end quality. But this stamps I like because they are pretty made and I have to calculate a little bit more this year...

I saw the same stamps for more of the double price in some interior catalogues in the same quality, so the decision was made in a second.

Because any family has his own secrets and favorites in baking cookies, you have to decide on your own this time what YOU want to make the next days. Maybe you only want to go to a good bakery - just do it. No more stress before christmas is my mantra for this year.

A lot of stars for my personal little stars 

Of cause we have to ad some goodies in dark brown, like our chocolate glace seen here before!

The round stamped ones get some of the glace too, because to my daughter´s opinion, cookies must have a topic to be a right and delicious one.

She´s so right, believe me ;-)

Oh, for all who want to now (the others maybe could read the next paragraph) - 30 pounds less.
How I did it with all the cookies and cakes? Changing my whole life style and eating preferences for six days of the week. One day a week I eat what I want - cake, cookies, pasta... In the last week I recognized for the first time that the things I prefered at the "Eat what you want Day" are more or less the same things I´m allowed one the other days!

But this could be another post. Maybe after Christmas... Christmas is always a little bit difficult for loosing weight and I don´t know if I could trust myself in this time.

Quit now, because this is NOT a blog over loosing weight!!!

Take care of you. Eat things you like in a healthy way and enjoy ever moment you have with you family, your partner, your friends and with the people you meet everyday and you maybe never have noticed before.

Have fun and not so much "everything have to look, taste or be perfect" in the following season.

My kids have, they must write a lot of tests in school and holidays started directly before Christmas.
Today and tomorrow I have to go to school for the first parents conference days in this session too...

A little bit of positive stress is always necessary to stay alife and not getting bored.

Wish you all the best for the next days. I have some nice pics from the easiest way to make choco crossies by your own and some of the birthday decoration for E.s birthday yesterday.

You will see me soon, the next days - Promised!!

Take care and always be yourself.
Yours, Ria

It was a pleasure to have you here by my side.
If you want to leave me a comment, feel free. I love to read what you think.

4 Kommentare:

{ Dana@Mid2Mod } | 25. November 2013 um 09:14 hat gesagt…

Your cookies look so delicious. What a good mom you are! And congratulations on the 30 pounds. That's wonderful, Ria! I'm so happy for you.

{ Ria Bartel } | 26. November 2013 um 00:55 hat gesagt…

Be sure Dana, I try to be a good mum- but often enough I struggle a lot...

{ annton beate Schmidt } | 26. November 2013 um 02:21 hat gesagt…

oh, that looks so good. and actually, I like that you have chosen one form only. looks like one can dive into those stars. congrats to your personal star, on top! greetings from freezing berlin.

Anonym | 28. Juni 2014 um 17:33 hat gesagt…

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