#Home Office - having your own place is the best...

15 Days without posting is such a long time...

I was very ill the last weeks, so the holiday season wasn´t so relaxed as my family and I had planned it.

But as you all know:
"Life is what is happening, while you are making your plans for it."

Never the less, we could manage a lot of bigger and smaller changes in the house and it feels more and more like a real HOME for us/me.

Okay, okay. I am the one who is not sooo lucky to live in Soest. I was born in a city with 350,000 inhabitants and as a student I was always on the run, because I thought it was to "small" for me. I moved 12 times in the last 20 years and lived and worked in cities like Hannover, Berlin, Düsseldorf, near Aachen, Cologne and then we moved to Soest (about 45,000 inhabitants)...
Soest is nice, of course. It is a wonderful little town to raise our children - but it is VERY small!
This year in October we will stay since 10 years in Soest and maybe it is possible for me to feel a little bit more familiar.

Blogging is a wonderful way for me to connect with people all over the world and to think in a global way of mind is my personal hideaway without moving...

This will be a longer post, you are noticed it?!

To blog, means to work. You have to shoot good pictures or you have to choose good ones online and esp. for me it means to fight with a foreign language...

(Why I did this? What are you thinking, may I switch back to German, which is so much easier for me to write? Let me know. Some friends in person told me that they would prefer, if I would write in German again...)

To blog, means to work. My home office was a little niche under the roof at the official home office of my husband.
Do you remember?

Since yesterday, everything changes. Now I have my own "niche" in our FAZ (Fernseh-Arbeits-Zimmer), translate it in Television-Office-Room.

I would prefer to call it #Home Office, but we install a little TV for the kids  
( Yes, I know this is NOT good for their education, but it is good for our family. Because sometimes adults want to see a thriller and kids want to see "Tom & Jerry")
and lay two mattresses one about the other to sit, to lay down or for guests in the same room.

If you have read my post up to here - get the reward - some pics ;-)

YES, I HAVE TO CLEAN THE TABLE. In November I saw a pic in a magazine and you could see the dust on the desk in this image and the first thing I thought was:
"Oh my goodness, how wonderful, just like in real life! Thank you so much!"

You could see the pic hanging at my winter moodboard, showing an incredible wallpaper wich is getting on my wishlist 2014. Second line, first pic. More information will follow in the next days.

Enough is enough, but only for today.

See you soon, with lots of new inspirations from all over the world or only from a little town in the middle of Germany, called Soest.

Wish you a wonderful day full of happiness!

Yours, Ria

7 Kommentare:

{ Kimberly Hughes } | 14. Januar 2014 um 04:49 hat gesagt…

What a lovely little spot you have created! And in front of a big window - this is my intention as well ;) At least when you are at the point in your work where you need a little break, you have a lovely view to look upon (this is my thinking anyway!) Love the framed mood board! xxx

{ Dana@Mid2Mod } | 14. Januar 2014 um 05:12 hat gesagt…

I love your new office niche. It is so simple, yet so lovely, with its nice view out the window and your wonderful mood board. I'd be happy to work there.

{ Teacup-In-The-Garden } | 14. Januar 2014 um 20:35 hat gesagt…

Ein toller Platz zum Arbeiten!
Liebe Grüße,

{ Ria Bartel } | 15. Januar 2014 um 00:35 hat gesagt…

@Kimberly Hughes
Thank you for your nice comment. The "frame" is a part of one of the shelfs you show in the first image of your post! We use the shelve without the frame now for our collection of long-playing records.
To sit in front of the window with the look in our garden is realy wonderful. Hope you ´ll find the "perfect" place for your new office.

{ Ria Bartel } | 15. Januar 2014 um 00:36 hat gesagt…

Dear Dana,

I would be happy, if I could invite you to sit down! Mid2Mod is always an inspiration for me!

{ Ria Bartel } | 15. Januar 2014 um 00:37 hat gesagt…

Danke, lieber Markus!

Anonym | 15. Januar 2014 um 10:54 hat gesagt…

Was für ein schöner Arbeitsplatz! Deine Mutter fände es auch schön, wenn Du wieder mehr auf deutsch schreiben würdest. Schließlich gehört sie zu Deinen treuesten Lesern. So ist sie Dir trotz der Entfernung nah. Deine Mutti und Dörthe

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