#Decoration with #Chestnuts and #Sage

Today I would like to thank all of you for the great support and lovely and emotional comments.
Here on my blog and of course in real life!

I will show you a little decoration in our living room with chestnuts and sage.

EVERYDAY MY SWEET DAUGHTER brings a lot of chestnuts on her way home from school and I love how they feel and smell.

We collect them all in a bowl I normaly use for plants and I ad a savage green package tape, just for fun.

The Sage is for a delicious recipe with pumpkin pasta and a sauce of milk and sage. But in some of my beloved green pottery, I liked to decorate it on our coffetable.

A coffetable, yes it is right. We buy a new coffetable. Hard to believe, we found something that fits, I know... But we did it.

This is not the "Styling like a Pro" I learned from Justina at her Jungelow, but it is calm and nice. Just what we need by now to please the eyes a little bit.

In the next days I´ll show you some of my finds on the big fleamarket here in Soest from August.

Hope to see you soon!

Yours, Ria

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{ Dana@Mid2Mod } | 7. Oktober 2013 um 08:17 hat gesagt…

Very simple and serene tablescape. Sometimes the most natural is the best.

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