Some #salad to start with something simple

I know that this post will be very hard for me to write after my last post.

Tomorrow it is only two weeks ago that my father died but between all the tears and thoughts, I missed my blog a lot.

So I decided to give blogging a try today with something very simple.

Some pictures of a little bowl of salad from the supermarket.

I could show you a list of all the things I would like to do in summer and I didn´t do, for example to seed vegetables in the garden, to renovate our patio and balcony...

Everbody knows well life changes so quikly from one moment to another, so I am still buying our salad in the supermarket or at the market.

If I get such a high quality like this one, it´s okay for me.

Do you see the different shapes and colours? I have to plant the half of our garden only with salad to get so many delicious variations.

My english is maybe a little bit rough, I know ;-)

I like to try to post in english several times and I always quit, because I thought my english is not god enough. Maybe it isn´t, but who cares?

If you couldn´t understand me, feel free to correct and teach me, please.

For today, I finish this post with a little twinkle in my eyes.

I´ve got it. I post and I do it in english. Strike!

Oh, I don´t only miss blogging, I did not recognize all the new google+ followers and new readers in the last two weeks. So, sorry!

Thanks, it´s a great honor to have you here by my side.

Hope to see you soon!

Yours, Ria

2 Kommentare:

{ Kylie } | 6. Oktober 2013 um 02:36 hat gesagt…

Nice to see you back Ria. I have been thinking about you, and hoping that you are ok.
I am blogging again too! (but only for a little while)
I think your English is amazing and the colours in your salad are beautiful.
Take care x

{ Dana@Mid2Mod } | 7. Oktober 2013 um 00:01 hat gesagt…

I'm glad to see you back. Your salad is beautiful, and your English is perfectly easy for me to understand. :)

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