Simple Deco for a young girls Birthday

As promised, today I would like to show you some simple Decoration for my daughters birthday event with our family at last sunday.

Normally everone could sit how he likes at our table if the family comes. Because I know that it helps my son a lot to sit always on his place I decided to "mark" the seats of E. and J. for this special afternoon. And of course they are allowed to drink of their most wanted glases. No wonder who´s who...

I use toothpicks, little stripes in neon pink and neon blue and a golden marker to sign their places.

The whole table looks very friendly and a sort of spring like, I know. But if you have to celebrate a kids birthday in the End of November, it´s difficult to be not to Christmasy, if you now what I mean.

We always have the problem in November with E. and in March with J. In March we always have to decide between Carneval and a normal birthday party...

As a starter I served every guest a little handmade mini muffin in funny forms in lila with white dots.

And of course, I´m not that perfect blogging lady, you could see the rag in front of the picture (cleaning the table before setting it!!!)

If somebody is intrested in the view outside. There you could see a lovely original 1959 kind of wall in beautiful pastell ornaments of glass. I really love this wall of our neighbour. We only found broken "Glasbausteine" (sorry no translation found for that), we had to remove :-(

Now I have to hurry up - hunting for some little gifts and new clothes for the kids.

No festive decoration yet, because the kids and I decided to decorate on Saturday to be ready for First Advent.

Before, I´ll show you the easiest "chocco crossies" in town, promised! They´re a perfect gift, if you don´t want to make a lot of cookies and searching for somthing very easy.

You need only 5 minutes for them, believe me!

See you soon and wishing you some wonderful days coming.

Yours, Ria

P.S. Believe it or not, I bought special colour for textiles. The rug, yes, yes. The rug in the living room will be transformed tonight in a kind of stylish original berber!

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{ Kylie } | 28. November 2013 um 02:31 hat gesagt…

I love your neighbour's glass wall Ria (maybe you could share a few pics of it one day?)
Your daughter's birthday table looks very pretty. I hope she had a lovely day.
I like the sound of that five minute recipe :) Hope you post it soon x

{ Dana@Mid2Mod } | 28. November 2013 um 20:58 hat gesagt…

Lovely table. I hope she had a wonderful birthday...and I know what you mean about birthdays close to holidays. My grandsons' birthdays are in October and December, and my SIL's is in November. In fact it was today...Thanksgiving Day, so we just put candles in one of the holiday pies. Can't wait to get a 5 minute recipe!

{ Ria Bartel } | 29. November 2013 um 01:32 hat gesagt…

Dear Kylie, dear Dana,

often try to reply directly to the comments but it is not always possible :-(.
So congrates to SIL and the five minute recipe comes today!

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