Ho Ho Ho #Knecht Ruprecht is coming to our house...

Last night, we had to struggle with a big storm, more like a hurrican here in the north and middle of Germany.
Yesterday at six o´clock in the afternoon suddenly the storm comes and bring the first snow this year...

Luckily nothing happend to us or our home or to our family. But at the coast in the north of the country and in Scandinavia and the Netherlands they must work against big trouble.

So, today after "Nikolaus" was coming to our home to make some little gifts to my beloved children and my husband (yes there was some chocolate for me too ;-)), I would like to make you aware of what is going on in the north of Europe.
It is not so worth at in the other parts of the world, like on the Philipines, but I hope that everybody is very careful in this stormy days.

Please, take care. Where ever you are!

In stormy days you need to have a beautiful home and some people loving you by your side.

So this Nikolaus will bring you not only gifts, but a smile and warm heart.

Best wishes to all the "good and bad" kids out there.

Yours, Ria

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{ Dana@Mid2Mod } | 9. Dezember 2013 um 08:47 hat gesagt…

I hadn't heard about the bad weather in your area. I'm glad your home did not receive any damage and that your family is OK. Your decorations are delightful.

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