Our new-old painted rug

My lovely Readers,

as promised I´ll show you here some Images of our new rug in the living room.
Yes, I did it.

I bought black textile color from the hardware store, make my own template from a pizza cartoon and give it a try.
It was NOT a cartoon from the delivery man, but of an frozen one.

Here it is.

First I use the small form to make a kind of border at the two short sides. After done this I wasn´t really satisfied with the result, so I decided to make a bigger form for the centre of the rug.

The result was "okay" but not what I´m looking for. At midnight I found this beauty in my collection of stamps, colors, papers etc. I know at a glance that this ornament would make perfect sense in the middle of the rug.

And here comes the result.

Of course it is not perfectly done. But this was orginal what I want. Because the vintage ones are not perfectly done, too. They are handmade and everything handmade has his unique "failure" and charme. If it would be perfect, it may could be industrial made.

Some detail of our new coffetable with metal ornaments at the legs. And here a picture of friday morning, after the color was fixed and I had hoovered the rug and replaced the table.

Sorry for the quality of the pics. I was to tired to make better ones and to hold the camera or even to use a tripod.

So if you would like to have something you couldn´t get, try to do it yourself.

Be confident. It is only a rug. Maybe you do not have to try it with an old vintage one, made of silk...

Wish you all a very Happy First Advent. Yesterday my kids and I decorated the whole house for Christmas and today we have met some friends and our sons made handcrafted gifts.

So in the next days, I´ll show you some inspirations for the festive season in our home.
You think this is to late? It could never be to late to give X-Massy things a chance :-)

Wish you all the best!

Yours, Ria

3 Kommentare:

{ Teacup-In-The-Garden } | 1. Dezember 2013 um 20:42 hat gesagt…

Unglaublich, dass das funktioniert hat! Sieht toll aus!
Liebe Grüße,

{ Ria Bartel } | 2. Dezember 2013 um 00:30 hat gesagt…

Danke, lieber Markus.
So richtig daran geglaubt, dass es funktioniert habe ich selber nicht. Aber es ging einfacher als gedacht.

{ Dana@Mid2Mod } | 2. Dezember 2013 um 16:22 hat gesagt…

That looks fantastic! You did a wonderful job, Ria!

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