Dedicated to my father

Some days you feel blue, some days the clouds are grey and some days are bright and sunny.
You take a walk with the dog, the kids came back from school and they had a good day there with no trouble. The sun was shining and everything seemed to be well.

With a call everything turned into black.

He teached me how to swim in mountain lakes, because I hate to swim in public swimming pools.

He teached me never to give up, because he climbed with me in the mountains.

I was 10 maybe 11 years old and he decided to go with me to the Payerhütte. At four o´clock in the morning we have to wake up and start. The hotel had prepared lunchboxes for us but the main entrance was shut, so we climbed out of the window in the kitchen - what an adventure, from the first step on.

He teached me to learn things by doing it. In my early 20ies he teached me how to ski. "Just do, what I do and follow me." Ups... But I did it and I love it.

He teached me to follow my passions but to be tolerant to everybody other passions.
He teached me to be politely but firmly.
He teached me to be generous, but to calculate if necessary.
He teached me to cry at Black Beauty and to laugh about myself.

He teached me to love and to trust.
Him and myself.

Thank you Dad. 

For all your love, for all our conversations.

I will miss you.

Love, Ria

I need a break of blogging for a while.

4 Kommentare:

{ Kylie } | 25. September 2013 um 02:33 hat gesagt…

Dear Ria, I am so sorry to read about this about your Dad. He sounds like an amazing and wise man, and I can tell from your words that you were very close to him and that you had an incredibly strong bond. It also sounds like he taught his daughter well - any man who can teach you that it's ok to cry at Black Beauty and laugh at yourself is very special. This is such sad news. Take care Ria, condolences to you and your family. You in my thoughts. Love Kylie x

{ Dana@Mid2Mod } | 25. September 2013 um 09:01 hat gesagt…

Dear Ria, I am so very sorry about your loss. You wrote such a beautiful tribute to your dad that I can tell what an extraordinary man he was and how close the two of you were. I had that kind of relationship with my own father, whom I lost in 1986 when I was 38. At age 65, I still miss him, but I choose to focus on the thought that I was immeasurably blessed to have 38 wonderful years with such a good and wise man for a father, rather than focus on what I lost. You and I had something that many people never experience. Hold onto that, and remember every beautiful time you had together, as well as all the lessons he taught you. They will carry you through this heartache and through the rest of your life. Love, Dana

{ annton beate Schmidt } | 26. September 2013 um 07:26 hat gesagt…

Dear, I am so so sorry for your loss. My thoughts are with you!

{ Yemima Gonzalez } | 27. September 2013 um 13:27 hat gesagt…

I am so sorry. I can't begin to imagine your sorrow. You are in my prayers.


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